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Every once in a while I feel I like I should quit writing....


Sp_regby Soulistic_Poet®12 Jan 2014

My pen wants to retire
I can feel it when I touch her
She no longer strokes for me
She moves like I don’t love her
I think she feels I no longer protect her
From those that judge her
She doesn’t think I know how to love
So she gives me jagged lines when I hug her

My pen wants to die
She wants to bleed out all her ink
She is slowly caving from the pressure
Caused by what others think
I keep telling her she needs to write
Cause those you understand will absorb her without a blink
But each time she tries to write
The paper rips whenever she sinks

My pen wants to pray
But God is nowhere to be found
He constantly ignores her thoughts
And go deaf to her words written out loud
The struggle she has survived
You would think He would be proud
But opposite to her hopes
She is left to etch her pain into the ground

My pen wants to quit
And never work again
But this thought scares the hell out of me
Cause she has always been my only friend
Only she knows how to make straight the lines
The world painfully tend to bend
It’s only the crying of her ink
That has saved my own tears from being shed

My pen wants to retire
And I can’t say that I want her to
But I would be lying if I said I didn’t notice
She doesn’t write like she once used to
I recognize her lazy rhymes
But to confront her I just don’t choose to
I was hoping with time she would write the lines
She has proven to be truthful

Copyright © Soulistic_Poet®, 2013. All rights reserved.