Dry Lines

Sp_regby Soulistic_Poet®14 Jan 2014

My pen acts as if
I am the enemy
I can’t tell the last time
Someone treated me so coldly
He dismisses the tears I cry
Rejecting me slowly
Tells me I’m co-dependent
And that I love him obsessively
He says I grip him too tight
And moves him too aggressively
I don’t think he really cares
About how his silence is affecting me

I don’t think he understands
Without him my‎ soul can't cry
If I don't have him to write
My heart's blood will go dry
I will be without hope
And eventually I will die
I beg and plead for his return
But he refuses to comply
He tells me I won't kill him
In my desperation to survive
That I have misusing and abusing him
Since the first moment he arrived

Sometimes I think he knows
But doesn't give a shit
Sometimes I swear
He just wants me to quit
It's almost as if my death
Is his only wish
Sometimes I believe
I'm being betrayed by this gift
So i return the betrayal
By leaning on someone else's ink
Leaving permanent reminders
Of temporary moods that shift

It seems to me
My pen thinks it's time I fight alone
But I keep praying he will realize
I won't ever win if I'm on my own
I need him to come back to me
It's getting way too lonely in this home
He is my best friend
My lover, my emotional clone
He mirrors every feeling ive ever felt
But too ashamed to be shown
I need him to bring forth life
To these dry lines decaying in my bones

Copyright © Soulistic_Poet® 2013. All rights reserved.