Freedom of the Pen; Burden of the Paper

Sp_regby Soulistic_Poet®15 Jan 2014

Pen says to paper
It’s my duty to write
Paper says to pen
I just can’t take the pain tonight
Pen says to paper
This is a team fight
Paper says to pen
But I’m the one taking all the strikes…

Most times I feel like the paper in our relationship
I feel like I’m the only one
Facing the consequences of this shit
I constantly take your blows of insults
Absorb your unfaithful hits
Running you down
Begging you to stay
When I know I should call it quits

Most times I feel like the paper in this conversation
You spurt out your bullshit
Without any hesitation
And I take the marks of your words
Without any reservations
Heartache and heartbreak
Is always my destination
And you just mark away
Engrave your pain
Into my skin without explanation

Most times I feel like the paper in this love affair
Like the pen you express your hate
Without an ounce of care
You know no matter what you write
I will always be there
To let your words bleed onto me
Never for me to share
You take your sharp edge and cut deep
And I just don’t find it fair
You just come and spill your lines
Into my faithful ear

Pen says to paper
I need you desperately
Paper says to pen
All you do is use me
Pen says to paper
I’m begging you please don’t leave
Paper says to pen
It’s time I take care of me

Copyright ©2012, Soulistic_Poet. All rights reserved.