Sp_regby Soulistic_Poet®16 Jan 2014

My pen
Is filled
With the ink
Of my sins
My paper
Is the priest
To redeem me
And so
Here are my confessions

In the last week
I’ve engaged in premarital intercourse
I have allowed myself to be penetrated
With self-hate
And remorse
I freely let dark thoughts enter me
And stroke
Deep within my core
Then screamed
And as they ejaculated
And misconceptions
That left me feeling insecure

I am writing with bloody hands
It was not my intentions to kill
But this is my confession to murder
Somewhere along my way
I got confused
And decided I needed to hurt her
I convinced myself
She didn’t deserve love
And that pain was all that was worth her
And so I went to cut her with my tongue
But I ended up taking it further
I assassinated her confidence
Eliminated her dreams
And poisoned her soul as I served her

I never thought I would take things this far
But shamefully I admit
I’m now serving another God
I left the one the church offered
He seems to hate the fact I’m flawed
I decided to get baptize
In the name of Love
And I heard the angels applaud
I became filled with holy acceptance
And I felt as the demons clawed
Because though
I have committed the ultimate sin
They hate that I live by Love’s law…

My pen
In ink
Of my sins
My paper
My redeeming
Hail Mary’s
And restoring
Our Fathers

Have I been absolved?
Am I now redeemed?


Copyright © Soulistic_Poet®, 2013. All rights reserved.