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Convince Them

Sp_regby Soulistic_Poet®24 Jan 2014

I sit
And I listen
And what I hear is
They are ashamed
They are trapped in what they believe
Is appropriate guilt for their pain
They have accepted responsibility
And hold on
To another man’s blame
Creating blisters and bruises
In their souls, bloody stained
And so I say words
To try and influence a change
An attempt to surf their minds
And shift the waves of their brains
Get them to see
They aren’t the reason tears fall like rain

I beg
And I plead
With a voice of sympathy
For them to understand
And believe
That they are not the ones
That bullshit and deceived
They weren’t the ones
To plot and conceive
A plan to defile
And heartlessly leave
A confused mind
To painfully grieve
The death of a soul
That was innocent and naïve

I sit
And I watch
And deep inside I want to cry
I see them accepting a sentence
Imprisoned by fears
Sentenced to life
Struggling to survive
A fight
They weren’t meant to fight
They made enemies of themselves
They see no victory is sight
And they think they deserve defeat
Because they didn’t do what was right
They swear it’s their fault
So I try to get them to see truth’s light

I show them love
With my soul
Then hug them with my heart
Hoping they will see
They’ve been loveable from the start
That their worth is not attached
To the pain others impart
That they were not made to be pierced
By those sick and poisonous darts
I just want to convince them
They are not the cause for their fear of the dark
That they didn’t start the blaze
Nor ignite the spark
That burns in their core
Disintegrating and tearing all hope apart
I want them to believe me
They are a God-made work of art

I sit
And absorb
Then passionately speak
Praying they will see strength
In what they feel makes them weak
Putting my heart and my soul in every word
Hoping my hope will leak
Out of my chest
And onto their feet
So they walk in confidence
And stand in peace
Knowing that from the guilt and the shame
They can finally be free
Trying to convince them of the truth
While I attempt to convince me…

It wasn’t my fault.


Copyright © Soulistic_Poet®, 2014. All rights reserved.