Failed Attempts

Sp_regby Soulistic_Poet®11 Feb 2014

In attempts to gain peace
I sought love
In the end
All I found
Was pain
Pain that shattered my heart
Creating ice
From what was once my blood
Pain that infected my mind
Poisoning every thought I’ve ever had
Leaving me trapped in pure darkness
Pain that pierced my lungs
And now I can’t breathe
All I wanted
Was peace
But now
I’m more tormented
Than I ever was

In attempts to feel safe
I sought friends
In the end
All I found
Were liars
And sadly
I believed every lie they told
Lies of loyalty
That left me
Incapable of trust
Lies of a lifetime
That kept me holding on
To something
That was burning a hole in my hands
Lies of confidence
That leaked my secrets
Like a nail in a flat tire
All I wanted
Was safety
But now
I’m in more danger
Than I ever was

In attempts to be happy
I sought family
In the end
All I found
Was just blood
And though
The blood
Is indeed
Thicker than water
I’ve come to learn
It means nothing else
Blood doesn’t equal love
Does it equate to care
Shared DNA is strictly biological
And means nothing
In the terms
Or emotional
Nor spiritual laws
All I wanted
Was happiness
But now
I’m more forlorn
Than I ever was


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