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I don't even want to live anymore...

A Coalition Of Cunts

Picby Marc Lionhart07 May 2015

Shall we vote for the pricks or the cunts?

The cocksuckers or the pig fuckers?

What about the farts or the plebs?

Who had the nicest private school? Who's uniform had the least amount of colours?

Who wants to oust those "bloody foreigners"? Who wants to thicken the walls and triple lock the gates?

PM? PR? PhD?

It's all the same to me

Into the ballet booth and tick your box like a good little lamb

Each box has a sum of money next to it, and vastly different master plans written in Daily Mail speak

Make sure you tick with your blood soaked quill, dip it deep in the leftover NHS stock, we won't be needing it anymore

But who to tick? Which party is mine to pick?

I need to know, who wants it more? Who is willing to kill for it, bleed out for it, sell their mothers, children and brothers for it?

Who will suck it all dry, the regurgitate it back down the throats of the common newspaper reader?

Who can promise me life, and then force me to commit suicide?

Who has a soul? Destroy it. Take what is left and fill it with MY needs, I am waiting to suck it from you

You! Independent one! For a free United Kingdom!

You! Liberated one! For a society of promises!

You! Hard working socialist one! For success!

You! Familiar one! You just stay where you are until the votes are counted and recounted

I'm still making up my mind

So many choices, I'll take them all. Squash them together to make a cocktail of dicks, a mesh of arses, a coalition of cunts

I'm still making up my fucking mind.