The Tall Man With White Curly Hair Who Disappeared Off The Face Of The Earth

Picby Marc Lionhart13 May 2015

He was a stick-like man in a small room with a damn low ceiling
Fucking walls plastered with graffiti and crude splatters
A room of sex and script writing
Blasted holes damn filled to fuck, he so stood nearly falling over
He spoke above my head barely noticing me obscuring his line of wit
He cocooned himself in the bellowing laughter surrounding him
Laughter that penetrated the skin, wove throughout the cracks like thread, tattooing as it went
As the night would be spent, in that room, squeezing breasts and smoking weed
Touching willing pussy while buried under old moth-eaten costume
Then the day would come

"I love being the funny man" he proclaimed holding tablets of comedy

Then he disappeared, as quickly as that he disappeared.

Vanished like he had become too much for this world to acknowledge
He was simply gone, I would never see him again
I often think about the funny man, think about how he had women delivered to him by the crate load
Yet I never saw him fuck, not a thrust in sight
Like his cock was locked away akin to the motions a world famous celebrity or immaculate piece of art would make
What sickening brutality is this? Where a man can be so fucking funny then be so fucking gone
I was holding on to his return, when I locked myself in that room of sex and prayed
Holding a worn out guitar, picking the strings lightly for the sound was so dull

My fault really.