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For a damn good tea party...

A Quick Sip With The Tea-Partiers

Picby Marc Lionhart20 Jan 2016

A light scratch on an otherwise flawlessly pale mug.
Not a trace of tea left at the bottom of an otherwise half-empty cup.
A small selection of biscuits in the centre of an otherwise fully varnished antique maple coffee table.
My good friends and I are playing pat-a-cake with a mouth full of pattycake.
My good friends are liberal, sitting cross-legged and naked. with air flowing between our genitals marked "freedom."
I personally drew a pretty picture of a pretty butterfly called "Home."
I'll see to it that it gets where it needs to go safely.
I stand up, skin peeling from my plastic chair, and begin to thrust into open space spouting "look at me! I'm free I'm free!"
Free as my cock allows me.
I'm at a goddamn tea-party, what more can be said.
I dip a biscuit into my beverage and take a wet bite.
As quickly as that my head hits the deck as I fall fast asleep.
Too much freedom for me.