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For the poly-ticians...

The Intoxication Of Power

Picby Marc Lionhart23 Aug 2016

As I scribble words in a journal the many stories of politicians jumping ship come to light.
I'm solitary, so I keep away from them, but it starts affecting me directly, so I put down my pen and begin to weep, tears smear my cut cheeks causing them to burn with sorrow. Just another day I suppose.
The king is drunk. His words are slurred and he's oh so sweaty.
They put another set of security cameras up again, so they can further protect us.
They are drinking our actions, feasting on terrorism and lining their throats and stomachs with a pungent concoction called "fabricate".
Now they're all fucking drunk. Drunk as fucking skunks and blurting policies as if they were anecdotes.
They are, hilarious anecdotes and we are forced to live them under the reign of those downing their power until they pass out.
I have no rock to escape from, no rock to escape to.
The poly-ticians trip hard on a lethal dose, they put their hands together and pray for a green shower.
They are digital rulers.
Keepers of sanity.
They are indeed a brand of their own, akin to the label on a nice bottle of Gin.
Get them a fresh glass, none of this peasant shit.
The book is filling up with policies as their glasses are filling up with power, may god have mercy on them so they may keep on living and outlive the power they are addicted to.
It won't happen, they'll let it kill them, and I hope the death is quick for mine won't be.
Let it be known, they are the ones who killed me.