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For the northern angel...

The Autonomous Heroine Of The Northern Sky

Picby Marc Lionhart16 Dec 2017

Many a man of vehement stature begin their pilgrimage to stand and match her gaze, even in the darkest days of worlds depart

Clad in leather and clutching steel she’s no stranger to the weapon she wields, the land is brought to yield

At the top of a blood-soaked hill the warrior stands, so mighty, fervent, formidable, and grand, she has markings on her hands

Before the travelers she is rooted strong in the face of right and wrong she never falters, she has stood before the slaughter

The war was won an age ago, now a lure of southern nomads follow, from the rubble they rise and look to the northern skies

They walk through glass and wade through stone, with but one wish to see the throne she sits on made of ivory and bone

Without fail, the myth, the legend, awoken from a bitter end she knew she'd forever send doves for her wandering friends

She's a rogue, and a calling so true, the northern sky so blue she lays soaked in the evening dew as the stars sing back to her anew

Of a whispering night, you will hear her calling out to those just out of sight while catching falling birds from flight, they come to her

I among the travellers rest, to see her once again at best, before we face our darkest test, my angel is my ultimate quest, I intend to win her heart.