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The Fearsome And The Frail

Picby Marc Lionhart17 Dec 2017

I've seen the new, I've admired the old from afar and built great homes for the weakened to live in,
I've learned everything and forgotten it all, in the wake of the fearsome and in the protection of the frail,
The lost are forever so, and it is so they believe,
Not this time, not again, I'll stand before the great fire, before the damned apocalypse, I'll fight until I can only cry,
For nothing is real, it will always fall before you,
I'll pick it up, only to watch it die, I'm too emotional to survive the cold winter,
But through the rubble I'll be there, through everything I'll be the blackened figure you see as the dust drops to the cracked floor,
I am caked in the thickest of mud, my skin is bloodied and broken,
And as I stand here bleeding, I look to you and reach out, waiting for your hand to meet mine.