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For the stupid...

The Idiot

Picby Marc Lionhart31 Dec 2017

I am the king of the morons, so high in my stature,
They build monuments to my monumental foolishness,
Bow down before my stupidity, or fear the rapture,
My tomb, it is sealed

I cannot see, I'm blind, the king is I,
Worry not for the thrown of the fool is unchallenged,
They whisper a disposition of which they do not pine,
The intelligent indeed are savaged

Take nothing from the vault of silliness, weary men of self-worth,
There will be no trouble here,
I do not fight anymore, not since my day of birth,
For I fear, myself, the idiot

Run from him please, his mortality suffers alone,
He requests the comfort of his minions,
They dither and gargle and dally and moan,
A prime example of the silliest simians

Send in the clowns! Many a fool rejoice!
Their king has banished the smart,
To a faraway place they carry their hearts,
To never be heard nor speak their voice

"The stupid are weak!" he proclaims from his throne of skulls,
"I wish to keep them next to me,"
He pets his gargoyles so dribbling thick,
"I thrive off their stupidity"

The doors of his castle close, and his fate remains forlorn,
"Some day my stupid queen will come!"
And behind his walls of valiant scorn,
Another war is won.