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Let us be guided...

Lead Of Light

Picby Marc Lionhart08 Jan 2014

Got myself a spark today
Brighter than the light of day
To wash out my life's dismay
To lift it out of the shade

Got myself a wishing well
An infinite chasm of wishes to tell
A place to practice my victory yell
A warehouse for my collection of spells

Got myself a north star
So I can see the horizon near or far
So I can wield the glistening spar
To defend myself from the dark

Got myself a flickering torch
To hold on my dusk-soaked porch
A witness to Sun's dwindling scorch
Awaiting the moon's illuminating force

Got myself some fireflies
They conjure patterns in the night skies
They display wonder in a child's eyes
They rip away a many fruitless disguise

Got myself a guiding voice
One so soothing and majestically poised
So breathtakingly humble, sweet, and coy
That when I die I can rejoice.