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No longer awake...

The Missed

Picby Marc Lionhart08 Jan 2014

When I saw it, approaching
I didn't stop, I ran towards it
I had tears rolling, emotion
Far too much to store it

I bled my liquid as it spilled
Seeing that kiss was too much
I could not contain as the rain distilled
Yet I was not immobilised as such

My knees were weak as your smile gleamed
Your golden hair blew up behind
Things were never as bad as they seemed
So it was true, it was all in my mind

Problems are a funny thing when you are in sight
I get restless when the bed is empty
My melancholy is tangled with the night
Only you are the remedy

I got tired and restless, then the rest flowed
Put on my shirt and walked
Along the pavement the streetlights showed
The deep cracks and markings of chalk

Crystallised raindrops hang from the door
I arrive at my scene
Plagiarised patterns strewn across the floorboards
Outlining where I have been

The dawn is getting more infrequent
I cannot learn when to sleep
My blinks are no longer in sequence
I'm bored with the counting of sheep

I lie back down and close my eyes
Must have been a dream
I'll peer out of my window and to the skies
I'll further await your gleam.