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Another political beat

Liars Rhymes

Picby Marc Lionhart14 Jan 2014

See these rhymes? Me neither. Got another blind spot to deliver.
See it all, those mundane pricks. Keep calling their name until it fucking sticks.
I love you, I don't, I'll kill you, I won't. Got no plans when I'm all alone. Give this motherfucking dog a bone. Gotta stop being so prone to seeing the letters unscrambled.
Hampered, by my liars pride. Got nothing to say when there's nothing to hide.
Got nothing, so suck it. Got another politician saying "fuck it"
Where my lies are heard, gunshots serve only to disturb
Throw a grenade into the middle of the birds, watch as they spell out the words you spoke
What a joke! He's back
Well, somebody's gotta deal the crack. Where would the streets be without the dignity it lacks?
I don't love my streets anymore. I'm caught, desolate and flawed. Miss me would you?
Kiss me or I'll lose you. The radar is growing blind.
Give it up or they'll find whatever it was you left behind. Can't leave a mark, or you'll be forever scarred by these liars rhymes.