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For the lost, wishing not to be found...


Picby Marc Lionhart29 Jan 2014

Where did it go?
The time I mean
Seems an entire evening passed without us looking from each other's stare
Connected across an efficacious bond
Look how far we've come precious one
I have that lost feeling, and the subsequent "never want to be found" one
I ask myself: Where?
Where has it all gone? All the pain I had stored
Somebody has taken it
Where did they put it? Where?
No other whats and whys. No point, irrelevant
Please can we sit? Alone if necessary. Just away from the chatter of the anonymous
But where can we go?
Look up, look how far we've come, we're far from home
Where are we?
If we had the time it would most likely be time to leave
But we lost it a while back, somewhere along that gravel path
Where was that?
About an hour back
Let's retrace our steps, find our way home
Or let's not. I like it here, with you, and the sun
In the sky, where
The sun. There
Keep it. Where? In your back pocket dear, let's just sit right here