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It comes crashing down...

Got her, Wolf, where for art thou, madness

Picby Marc Lionhart01 Feb 2014

Rain came down that night. Hard as the floor that hit me
Shelter by the cross, wish for numbness
Wish I didn't push
I'm on a rock, slide straight whiskey at me. Feels good. Burns my throat
Got fault on the brain, sears like disease and laughs like Jackal
Lovely surroundings, m-m-miss you
Fortitude collapse. Collide and collect creation create me await the Valium
My liver might fucking burst!
"I don't wanna die, god help me I don't wanna die!"
Put Diazepam in a neat little packet and sell it on the streets.
How do you spell dysthymia? Wanted Bi-Polar but they didn't have any in stock
Cried myself to sleep on my best friend's couch. Sat beside me and watched me weep, good on her. We all need our hair stroked from time to time. I was wrecked on the streets pouring tears at the bastard rain
I sleep erratically. Hello world, I'm not well
Have you kissed the concrete. Have hath haven
I long to write about you
Bless that sodden and downfallen mess. Holy hell before the winds of change soak me. I got my umbrella ready
Saw it leave all before me. When will we ever be ready to stand up, the chair is so damn comfy and we watch the tele
Love it. Got a wonderful style
Dynamics are focused. Comes crashing down around you and you're left, marching home confused. Blame who?
"we live in a beautiful world"
Modern life baffles me. Got such wonderful friends and I'm invisible.
Won't put a bet on the direction anytime soon. The future, the wishlist and all the products we swoon for
What a messed up cataclysmic colossus of a meltdown. Should have recorded the whole damn thing
Had a plan I think, but it was scrapped. Couldn't hear
Please please please hear me. No more questions from the madmen before me, coffee shop. Miss it.
Seems I miss a lot these days. Living a life in the past and seeing nothing ahead
Got a feel for that leather jacket. That earring
News. Telling people, retracting my statement, left them guessing. I won't tell them the truth
Debts growing with the sick. Playing psycho-babble games to stave the Wolf.
It's 2014 already
Want hope, or a reply, a letter from the fat-man in his fat-tower telling me to see him.
Can't be seen. See. Wolf you are not the man you wanted to be.