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Can We Write War Poetry Now? #1

Picby Marc Lionhart05 Dec 2016

The bombs are bigger, the guns are louder
The nations are getting prouder
The chemical warfare is viral, as infection spreads
Rebellion is useless without prices on our heads

Death is beautiful, but not alike to gore
Policy dictates political spores
Hanging meat in a Garden of Eden
A lust for God's lustrous beacon

Newspapers spread the fire like butter
With pictures of the bloody gutter
They shove charity down our throat
Until our bellies begin to bloat

Then they wash it down with a twist
Of some propagated iron fist
They'll make you side with black or white
And leave the fence out in cold's frost bite

We have good reason to fight it out
In the ring we set up another bout
Wrap his nose, give him a clout
Bloody ears, riddled with gout

My mum is dead, my dad is in bed
"My sister's fucked" my brother said
My dreams were shot in a case of lead
At poor bastards choking on the death

They gotta die so we can shine
God aint gonna give you a sign
He's busy fucking the sublime
Cutting the hands off a mime

The screams of failing harlequins
Make for poetry fit for golden kings
We'll create another scrap somehow
But can we really write war poetry now?