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When you're kicked, remember to breathe...

This Aint No Fairytale, And I Aint No Fucking Prince

Picby Marc Lionhart04 Feb 2014

I really love this world I live in
I do.
I love the lilies on the lake, and the majestic Swan
I really do.
I've seen castles, I've seen abandoned mine shafts
I have.
I've made love, I've made war and I've caused them both
I really have.
But this aint no fairytale, and I aint no fucking prince
I've held the hand of the dead, and kissed them goodnight
I've been rugged and torn by the oppressive island, I've stood and been knocked down
Like no activist I've given up
I kept saying sorry with tears pouring down my face etching roots into my skin
"sorry", it lost every bit of meaning years ago saying it to the people I had wronged
I've seen princes, loads of 'em, all with their glorious rays of sunshine
I don't think I'll ever be one of them
But hey, isn't this world beautiful? Those lilies, that majestic Swan
She sings aesthetically and reminds us we have so much to live for
That love, that war, all keep us alive in their own way
I'm entwined with the good, maybe more so the bad. My burdens are those of the ones close to me
I'd say it again, I'd rather not
Is it time for another bedtime story? One that tells of the frog and gorgeous fiction
Nah. Think I'll just go to sleep now