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Tumour (introduction)

Picby Marc Lionhart08 Nov 2015

I suppose you expect a beginning here, well I apologise (as you'll find me doing throughout this experience) but there will be no beginning here. There will essentially be nothing, nothing but the empty space of the expectant reader and their endless expectations.
I'm just a man, a man among several others, thousands, millions, all of which are trying to escape. They all (myself included) have one thing in common:

A Tumour.

Now this tumour can be all kinds of shapes, it can assume a number of undetectable forms, or it can manifest in its most blatant configuration. Despite this it will have just one symptom, one for you to look for in everyone you see. That symptom is apathy. Yes. Apathy.
Fucking apathy. In fact even saying the word makes me want to curl up and die, but I, with my lingering tumour, simply cannot. I will keep living with this thing, like everyone. So welcome to the experience. You will NOT be enlightened. This is no instruction manual for life nor is it a guide to serenity. You will feel the opposite of those things. While reading this you will feel:

Did I mention lonely?

So feast on this, feed your tumour. Feed it until it grows, then watch it burst free from wherever it lies within and stand independent, free from its shackles, then tear away from you as you crumble to your knees and beg for its forgiveness, knowing you are bereft and parasitic. Sorry.