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Oh how I wish I was beautiful...

Who's Gonna Love You When You Lose Your Hair?

Picby Marc Lionhart21 Feb 2014

Does mortality scare you? No. We are all victims of age
But the thinning of your hair on the top is evidence of your passing through time
Your court hearing is finalised and you are placed before the Grim Reaper to discuss terms on your departure
Are you welcome on this planet anymore? Only your bald head presents the answer
Many will accept their fate. Others will deny it at a somewhat synthetic cost
A furry strip of dignity to be applied daily for maximum effect
Sex appeal in a creation kit
A stallion no more
Fear not though, we are all mortal, although some wear it upon them like an elegant attire
Others pop in their dazzling white teeth and adhere a throw to their scalp, a disguise to keep the officers of fate walking passed
Although when the sun sets, we are all exposed. All closing the curtains and waiting for sunrise, to reapply our masks for happy, prosperous living
We fear those who love us will see us dying, and run for the hills
The hills are a luscious green, while we scramble in the wastes for another hit of hope
Keep fucking looking in the mirror, see if the background changes, evolves
Plucking at your scalp again, hoping for salvation
Best way for it, down on your knees
Pray faggot, pray you pussy
Pray for a way out
Genetics have not been kind to you, instead they gave you a shaky demeanor, a pitiful prostration pose
Better kiss that soliloquy a farewell before it leaves without you, emotions are scorn here
To be branded, patented, packaged
You'll be shelved, left for clearance, sold if you're really fucking lucky
Time for a hard drink?
No amount of whiskey will ever make you pretty.