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For my dear mother...

Mother And Me

Picby Marc Lionhart30 Mar 2014

Putting up with me can be a struggle
Believe me I know
Never knowing if I'm lovable is why I cry sometimes
She knows
Mother has been there for everything. She gave me a chance at life, she saw it happen, and then made sure I didn't give up
Mother has known death, she was there when her first born child was taken, sent to the ether with no legacy and barely a breath to call her own
She carried on, and she was sent her second chance at being a parent
She worked doubly hard, here I am, evidence to this case
Life was cruel, really cruel to my mother and for that I will never forgive it, but I made her a promise and I intend to fulfill my role as her son
For years to come I would fight against those who spoke bad about her, to keep alive, to keep things moving forward somehow
We have conflicted, like all have, and we will most likely do so until the sun sets
Still, what is a grudge between mother and son? Meaningless.
Your mother will do everything she can to save you as mine has, your mother loves you because you are her most prized possession.
Mother is no angel, she has the capacity to stop loving your own father, but one thing she can never do is stop loving her child
Me and my mother and both very lucky, our world hates us, or government does no know our names, but we know each other
Mother and me, are indeed very lucky.
I have not been the most grateful son, I never grew up to be important or respected, I carry whiskey in my pocket to soothe me where mother can't
But I know I will never have the ability to stop loving my mother
I may grow weaker by the minute, I may seek affection from people who will destroy me, I may eat unhealthily and swear at the police, I may be unpopular and unruly, but I will always love my mother. I am sure of this
Mother forgive me, I am never there but I do care. I cannot speak and I am very scared most of the time.
Should our infinite relationship end abruptly, take to the grave that your son is happy, and he can only thank you for that.