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For a troubled girl...


Picby Marc Lionhart02 Apr 2014

Preserved by your perfect frame. Flattered by your unquestioned fame.
Taken in by the day you took to cyber space.
They fell for you instantly.
It was only truth that caused your hazel eyes to flutter, and you then became exposed.
The shameless nature of a deceitful creature would cause the ripples to escalate the crumbling of your walls.
Your eyes are wider now.
You move from town to town.
They are persistent demons that follow you into the night.
We don’t see them, but they are forever embedded into your sight.
You cry your song until the darkness turns to light.
Back to school, your place of learning, now transformed into a world so discerning.
You turn to your friends, to see if you can make amends with your past.
They reject you, and you are soothed only by poison until,
Your eyes are wider still.
The demons have cornered you, they batter and demean you.
Your poison grows potent.
An intense passion burns within you, you can sense the end is coming.
You take to your frame the last time, you bring with you your wondrous smile and magnificent life. Your incredible eyes.
However, it is not real. Tainted by wounds that won’t heal. Mounted, upon the last bite of your last meal.
Sweet angel, we are calling for you, so many demons are calling too.
We don’t see them, but they are forever embedded into your sight.
Sleep tight, don’t make a sound.
Your eyes are closed now.