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For Jacque Fresco and his incredible vision

I'll Stand Alongside Jacque Fresco

Picby Marc Lionhart02 Apr 2014

A quick glance at the blue above, surrounded by Venus
Venus by day, Venus deep into the dusk and following through into night
We are people of Venus at heart, courtesy of Jacque, visions of a purer world without famine, lacking in needless conflict and rich only in intellect
Green cities afar, stretching across the soil
The ocean glittered with colonies centering renewal, resourceful and free from corruption
The world, parallel to the ecosystem within your own body, where organs work around the clock together to keep you alive and learning
This ecosystem, this biological conjunction, this efficient system works for the benefit of its host, keeping it working at full coherence
With this understanding, our world will progress and our children can finally be born into a society of good health and no unnecessary stress
We tear the name badge from the debt collector to free him, we strip them from their jumpsuits
We take the briefcase from the business man, no longer shackled by a redundant currency
The politician falls to his knees, his suit tears at the seams
They waddle, naked as on their birth day and, towards their new home. Luscious and fresh, the central dome lathered by sunlight, surrounded by thick trees and bushes
No more oil, no more pollution and no more war
New sounds, a rebirth
Welcomed in, sat down and nourished by the new world, they chant "Venus! Venus!"
I wave at the monorail as it passes me, writing this, and shaking hands with my mentor
As I write the final line, I am sure, I will stand alongside Jacque Fresco.