After Another Episode

Picby Marc Lionhart07 Apr 2014

Welcome to my mind. Kinda relates to the unpopular kind of thinking many of us avoid alongside the wife and the drinking
Had another episode of manic depression, while in the kitchen learning myself a useful life lesson
I must have been so damn tired, I couldn't breathe and felt so fucking wired
So I poured myself a drink and shouted at myself, noticed how I'd been readily put on the shelf
Noticed how I'll never be attractive, never be talked about or a romance exacted, never in love or sexually active
Never again, no more asking when to meet, watching some cunt take my seat
Friends of mine, overshadowing, bad dreams keep harrowing
She's so goddamn lavishing
Fine! I'll watch her get snapped up and wonder why, maybe I'll win the fucking lottery right before I die
Never had much luck, once put my head through a rail and got stuck, one lost interest mid-fuck, had to fake it
Luckily, I was devoid of reason so she couldn't take it
Afterwards, after another episode, I fled. I made my way the next day to the next bed
Yet she'll follow me, into my dreams she'll borrow me for her gain, and I'm once again left in utter disdain
I swear I've no more crosses to bear. Love me please you utter goddess, I've fallen to your snare
I won't fall anymore, I'll fucking explode
But not before one more episode.