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For the disrespected...

With Deepest Respect

Picby Marc Lionhart05 May 2014

Turned off, around and flustered
Burned out the remaining energy I had mustered
With deepest respect endearing bloom
Got distracted by the wooden broom
With deepest respect for the spinning loom

I shake shattered glass at the flailing sands
Made maker's make marks fall through their hands
Wishy wishy wishing I was still alive
Had ink on my lips for the very last time
With deepest respect for malign midnight

Took the paper and scrunched it hard
Concept awry and the language had starved
No longer the fellow, lesser the bard
Another glass, another mark
With deepest respect for the marred

Have given my respect to the poor.

Television sets abandoned for false chivalry
Everyone sells their freedom for dynasty
Laden with magazines with sensual imagery
Laden and hopeless for godless synergy
With deepest respect for meticulous symmetry

I still cannot see where my respect has gone
Maybe headless or headstrong
With deepest respect for those who are wronged

With deepest respect for the years of long.