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For a hell of a long day...

Closet Wishes Of The Fallen Fortification

Picby Marc Lionhart26 May 2014

I got smiles stuffed into a paper bag for comfort, no therapy works for me.
I take one out and wear it like a bandanna
Her face, still plagues me
Atop my castle, fuck valor and gallant maker's desire
I'm a frightened man
I'm the king of an abandoned lot. Not a soul in sight and wildlife has fled
I tell the nobody to go home, and so he or she does
A murder of crows fly by in an anarchic formation, dancing joyously in the majesty of political freedom
Pertinent to hell
Hell is where I belong
Mail from the outside, not hate mail but close. I open and read individual envelopes containing black mist
Word love, and fortified, and hopeful
Dump her thoughts in a refuse sack for the bin men that will never come
Reach in to my bag of smiles, hear a scream from outside so throw it under my double bed
It's her!
Screams of joy though. "Heck! Why her screams of joy and not mine?"
I overhear words

"Not sure where he has gone, or if he still remembers me but I occasionally think back to when we complimented each other. Not long ago but feels like eons. Hope he overhears me"

I cower under an oak table too ashamed to call out her name, but not too ashamed to whisper it to myself.