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One More Refreshing Beverage Before The Night Is Out

Picby Marc Lionhart22 Jul 2014

Moving on...

Took the last swig of hooch and slammed my empty tumbler onto the sodden bar

But before this, another double whiskey...

Met two crazy attractive women for ultimately different reasons
One with scars running like a canyon labyrinth, the other (much like myself) took to the page for life experience
Met a man with a reasoning face of interest and hair like black fire

Next round...

We dubbed ourselves "The Motherfuckers" prior to a transfer of boozing location, we did this for comfort
We are all terrified of the world it would seem, but we know we could not be touched
I was married for a brief moment
To my best friend

Another goes down...

Time begins to waver, and we all put our empty glasses in the middle of the table, the naked flame dances underneath the delicate cigarette
More, never too much, with each other, our own soaked renaissance
I speak further with an unusual woman, lesbian, hindered by drooping eyelids, she can barely see through the fumes, through the thick trip, she hazily strokes my shoulder, she hastily ceases upon her self-challenge
My mind lights up a furnace

We consume...

I rejoin my new found family and laugh with them after confusion, my whereabouts were unknown for just long enough for the smoke to kick in and the hard knocks to resurface
I'll never be held like that again
I wear a scarf around my neck

One more...

And the night is nearly out
As it screeches upon application of its worn brakes the empty glasses congregate and convene, collect and coerce the cracking laughter of the drunken
She, the unmarried one makes her way home, I wished her a good night and finished the beverage I had once proclaimed my soul to
That was really it, the dire conclusion

Now, the night is mine for the taking.