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For the great man Robin Williams...

The Always Smiling Yet Unbearably Tearful Clown

Picby Marc Lionhart12 Aug 2014

Mr, Hey Mr, you're smiling! But you're sad, it's plain to see.
I'm worried about you, for I cannot tell if you're smiling or crying
Is it the journey you've been on, is it coming to a close?
I have too many questions for a clown such as yourself
We grew up together, and I laughed at your jokes until it was time for bed
Mr, you invented so many things, and I in turn attempted to recreate this innovation
I made a flying car from a cardboard box, I took an old Monopoly board and cried out "Jumangi!" I even granted everyone I knew three wishes
But still, you cry, and I'm unsure of what I can do
Your smile is a hieroglyph, you hold a spear to it, you can't have fallen, fighters don't fall
I truly do love music, more than food
You taught that to me tearful clown
Where are you now?
Now the lessons I am taught are that of sorrow, and how those I love are sorrowful
The clown, the artist of laughter, the compère of comedy
My clown, be here, not there, not with the sadness, nor with illness, or with regret
Ever so lovely, always smiling yet unbearably tearful
Inspiration, personification, eulogy for the wistful
I'll keep rolling.
The world is waiting for a 5 or an 8.