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For those who got busy livin'...

I Did What You Said, I'm Gettin' Busy Livin'

Picby Marc Lionhart26 Aug 2014

On the back of a beaten truck travelling to the great oak in the summer, among waves of rebellious heat
I got away from the brick and steel
I felt caged, but with wings I was never destined to remain as such
I always need a reason to escape, for I simply cannot wait for justice to grace its presence and point its capricios finger in a random direction as a feeble attempt at guidance
I get away from things that harm me, you know this
I live for the moment, I thrive in the now and embrace the love I am gifted
I truly am happy, for the moment anyway
As I soar above the crystal ocean I beam a harsh white light like a trail behind me, steering a path for those who wish to be free
I notice, at times, when the world tests its inhabitants
Many fail, screaming at the ether above them hoping a deep, ominous voice will provide them with signposts and a compass
Or maybe even an open door, maybe a window to stare at freedom from confinement, for the semi-brave
I'd rather be out there than in here, so on the back of the truck I follow
Hope to see you there, with your tearful smile and your long arms of elation
I never wanted to be saved as such, but I'll accept it at a moments notice my dear
My hat blows off in the coastal wind, I may be losing my mind but I'm happy to lose it out here, in the wide open space where I am busy, living.