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For my wonderful Think Machine...

The Think Machine

Picby Marc Lionhart27 Dec 2014

Alarm sounds

I wake

I'm hopelessly in love, oh hopelessly so

I love the smell of my morning coffee...

The machine loves me if I love it, the old Think Machine

I holds my mind for me and censors my thoughts for me, for that I thank it

Newspapers tell me what to say and do, I say them, I do them and nobody makes my questionless smile wean

I give my hard earned money to the Think Machine and feed it thoughts

I laugh blindly at the telescreen set and marvel at all the distracting colours

If I spot a glitch, I eradicate it without hesitation

My comfort blanket Think Machine, it holds my thoughts for me

With The Think Machine, I kiss the air and high-five the boss

It gives me back rewards in the form of tele-repeats

Dave, E4 and many many more...

My heros, I give to charity

I don't Think, any more than the Think Machine tells me...