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For the Devil...

The Devil's Suicide Note

Picby Marc Lionhart02 Apr 2015

I'm heading to the edge of the earth and I'm jumping the fuck off. Because I love myself. I truly love myself
I've seen ghosts throwing themselves in front of cars, and some just wandering parallel with the adjacent path
Without the aid of music they are nothing, nobody's associate
I want to help them
I am the glory before them, that hunts them and collects them
Those ghosts, of whimper
Whimper them, darkness enthralls and awakens but I, their lord will suffer for them
At the expense of my own free will, the ghosts will wander together giving them purpose, or at least a title
For we all require a title
But not least something to latch on to, to survive the waves of fire
Pleasure is the sin I created, I will fuck and fuck alike with no discrimination whatsoever, for I pray like you do
Fuck misery, fuck death for I am he, or at least I work with he

"So alone"

I'm pulling the pin on this one

"I am a grenade"

There's only a small matter of the depletion of time in the most callous manner, as it ticks down I count up in rebellion
The structures will tumble, the fields will be littered with dust and blood, flesh will hang from blades forged from the corruption I myself have created
My people, followers of eternal hunger, they flock
For I, no we, are unified in anger, blessed with contrition
For I am the devil, and this is my destruction.