8f7765ba217017a4c70bace77cf1518dby Sreesha Divakaran16 Nov 2014

Layers upon layers laid on all that
You claimed to love,
Yours for taking and letting go as you saw fit,
Lying, betraying, to hurt such that it doesn’t heal,
Wounds cut deep with a most blunt knife,
Wounds kept hidden from the world
Under the veil of my pride;
I pour blood on them tonight.

Hot blood pours down every dull scar
I hold all the pain up, awash with glistening crimson,
Disgust, at the remembrance, indelible
Upon the darkest corners of my mind,
Disgust, at who I became for you, because of you,
Disgust, at the betrayal of all those I held dear,
Disgust, at the way you swayed them, to be yours in your fear,
I pour blood on my disgust tonight.

Swore not to hate you, for you’re too petty
To be assigned any emotion, any at all
In ruins you have left me, a part of me you’ve scarred
Scarred in ways your apathetic self will never know
Not too soon, but someday, your time will bite you back,
For each brush of your lips was like the bite of a feral animal
For each sugar-coated lie was a test of my intelligence,
I pour blood on my naiveté, your apathy, and your betrayal tonight.