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The story of a girl being deliberately hurt by a past lover. He receives pleasure seeing her tears and all she wants is for him to stop. But her cries fall on deaf ears.

The Forgotten

8f7765ba217017a4c70bace77cf1518dby Sreesha Divakaran29 Nov 2014

It was a tree-lined street where the leaves seemed grey
In the fading twilight that she fell right to her knees.
She seemed not to care about the stars in the sky
That twinkled with mockery at her tears.

She watched her heart hanging on her sleeve
It seemed to pump poison and it was slowly killing her
Her face crumpled like the paper she held
On which was a note, handwritten by the one who had forgotten her.

The note wished her luck and joy and all happiness,
The sender knowing how much pain it would cause
For she had granted him forgiveness he had never asked
Sadistic his mind, caustic his tongue and his heart full of frost.

The leaves rustled, and spoke of the girl’s plight
Errors we make in youth, they said, but carry regrets to the grave,
Could she not have had the foresight to avoid these scars?
Every risk taken is not an adventure of the brave.

She wished she could reach him
Wished he would listen and stop with the torture and pain
Given to her in the form of paper and ink and ill sights galore,
But in her terrible reality alone, pleasure he would gain.