The Man In The Snow Globe

8f7765ba217017a4c70bace77cf1518dby Sreesha Divakaran14 Mar 2015

In his embrace, she knows no fear
Each speck of darkness, erased
Like letters written too close to the shore,
For eternity, he will protect her,
Each vow is in stone traced,
Like holy scriptures, beneath the curtain of his brow.

He isn’t deterred when her exposed scars
From past loves bleed
He pulls her still closer
He comforts her; her sorrows he reads.

“I would lull you to sleep, beloved,
Close your eyes; you’re safe now,
Let the angels sing for you while your tears dry,
Fear not; I am here for you now.”

“Kiss me until it stops snowing,” said she
“I will; won’t you sink into my embrace?”
Thus inside the snow globe they set up home
For all eternity, it snowed and snowed…