My Mom

20141018_181422_1by Stacey Handler14 May 2017

Every now and then, there is a person
Brightening the universe everyday
Someone who is always thinking of others
Often sacrificing their own needs for those of others
That person is my mom.

My mom is the sun that spills in
When I have a rainy day
My mom is the one who is there
With a hug and words that make everything okay.

My mom has seen many cracks in her life
Yet she keeps it all together
Mending those cracks with her powerful love
Giving all of herself to her children and grandchildren
And anyone else lucky enough to have her in their lives.

My mom is not an ordinary mom
She is a gift from the stars
From a magical place way beyond this Earth.

Her love envelops me
Making me a better person
A Wiser adult.

When I think of love
Her face is the first thing I see
When I feel that warm safe feeling
I think of my mom.

My mom remains the light
At the end of a very long tunnel
As the earth changes and life disappoints
She is the one constant star in my solar system.

2015 Stacey Handler