Missed Connection

20141018_181422_1by Stacey Handler29 Mar 2018

There you are,
I can barely see you
Lost in the fog
On the other side of the platform.

How did we miss the connection?
Why are you standing over there?
You are so far away from me.

You ran away quickly
I watched in slow motion
As you darted behind my rainbow
To your familiar darkness.

Radiating my light
Turned you to dark stone
A mere statue that stood frozen
In the halls of my memory.

Could barely grasp your ticklish flesh
As you disappeared into smoke
Weed mirages
A private oasis for you alone.

I could not reach you
As the smoke took you to safety
From my colorful world
My rainbow connection.

For just a moment
I felt the smile of friendship
Your numbness wiped the smile away
Put us to sleep in an instant.

Two ships
Choppy waves
Tickling caresses
Laughter for you
Tears for me.

We passed each other in the night
On the internet highway
On the end of a phone line
On the other side of a table
On a spinning carousel of anxious feathers.

The pain is so familiar
Like an airport farewell
A wave from the train station
The hello turned goodbye.

So, tell me again,
How did we miss the connection?

Where do feelings go
When the train speeds away?

Copyright 2018 Stacey Handler