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Once upon a time there was a curse

The Curse

Img-20191128-wa0011by Adam Van Sudry02 Feb 2020

Deep in the forest, Long ago
Slept a fair princes
For one hundred winters
An evil curse upon her head
But better sleep
She is not dead!

The years get by
The curse is weakened
And Brier Rose begins to waken
A prince then enters to the castle
And kiss her
Within the hour a marriage feast prepared and set
Yes better sleep and less so dead.
I sit beside the fire a dream
of freedom
All alone
My tower tall my hair is long
I sit and sing along

My words, like leaves
Fall down to solid ground
I want to walk on it myself
And listen to the sound

A handsome prince came by and climbed
The tower on my braid
I fell in love a left with him
Together on the ground

Narrative Poem