Img-20191128-wa0011by Adam Van Sudry15 May 2020

Come on, let me tell you a little story. My name is James. I am 317 years old! I've been through so many houses and castles in my life that I can't remember their name. Every day at work, I tell people what I think of them when I see them and usually good things for them to be with a smile. One day, a beautiful princess looked at me, and I did not hesitate, I told with no words that she was terrific.
She turned around in the room with beautiful medieval pieces of furniture and walked behind me for a few seconds suddenly she burst into a big cry and jumped out of the window to her death.
Two months later, the Princess's sister asked me about a dress she had planned to wear to the masquerade festival. Like I always told the truth. And this time, I said the little Princess that the mask she had chosen to put on her face was not pretty. The little Princess got mad turned in the room, suddenly laughed, did I tell a joke and left the place quite smiley.
In the morning, bells were heard. The same sounds that inform the death of someone important. From where I stand, I saw the flags coming down to the half-mast. The little Princess committed suicide.
Prince Regent of the neighboring kingdom rejected her. She couldn't stand the sadness and pain. It was not two hours, and he took me to the dungeon. The dungeon is not a very pleasant place. It smells like moss and stink. You can hear the souls of the people who torment them here. They stood me in the corner, half-bright half-dark. Ten people surrounded me. The royal executioner was already standing with the hammer waiting to be teaching from the king. The king passes his sentence; the royal executioner swang his hand...
Suddenly, we heard a laugh from the dark part of the corner where I was standing. The royal executioner rotated me. And then I heard him for the first time in my life introducing himself. Hello, gentlemen, my name is Semaj. It Turns out that he's my brother. I never heard him before, but apparently, he was always there. That explains a lot of unfortunate cases I had experienced.

Come on, let me tell you who I am.
I am the royal mirror, and I suffer from Dissociative identity disorder, which means that I have two personalities.
It turns out that every time I said something to someone who asked something. My brother said the opposite.