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A poem inspiring young children and/or adults that are being bullied, to not be scared to talk to someone.

Dedicated to all those that suffer and/or have suffered from bullying

Stand Up To Those Bullies

Pz-avatarby T The Poet07 Feb 2019

I never seemed to fit in at school,
It really wasn't for me,
I sat there clock watching,
Just waiting for the school day to end,

I was called names at every corner,
Which made me feel minuscule,
I never got picked to play at sports
Even though I was actually quite good,

I never told anyone I was being bullied,
I wish now I spoke my mind,
I kept it all bottled up for years,
Without telling one single soul,

Stand up to those bullies,
Say no to them now,
Ask for help and don't be scared,
There is always someone there for you,