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To those who believe in eternal love


Pz-avatarby Tameron Corleone03 Mar 2014

Seeing and craving the morning
And simple delight
I sit where I feel the crimson waves
I feel the cold reams of her vines
As I delicately brush her hair
And have small conversation

I choke at her persistent laughter
As she lays on the Persian cloud
I fault to admire her perception
Not to frown
Even in the crying pains
She still tends to taste the raisins
On the lump

While I fracture my ankle
On the tree stump
I watch the inception of her
And yet, there was no tear fall
There was her ability to taste
Evil and eat it on a silver platter
And still let her vines be a misconception
In the sun

There I was still sitting by
The land slide
And watching the sun share
A light or too
As she turns her tide and watch
The sun smile

She told a crazy little tale of
Our summer romances
That creatively defined her perfection
As a woman
Too many times as the years have fallen
From our trees
I have never seen her smile
And kiss the memories on the
Lips and taste the happiness through
The palm trees and many tornadoes

It was a magical moment
To watch her waves be at peace
With such a storm

As I listen to the staggered coughs
And the feeling of my vines to begin
To drown in the misery that I’m
Choosing to drink

She asks me to grab her vine
And not shed a tear
Not because I show fear
I squeeze tighter but eventually
The vine was broken and grey
I watched her eyes walk such
A shallow road to the crimson bay

And there was the bitter anger
And remorse
As by choice , my head was in her bosom
As I screamed a hurricane
As I hailed upon her bosom
As it rained upon the storm in my heart

All I can say
This is to you
Only you
Happy 30th Anniversary my dear