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This poem is about a grandmother telling her grandchild that she was married to someone she never truly loved and forced to stay with him even though she truly didn’t want to.

Free at last !

Pz-avatarby Tammy maimon11 Nov 2020

She took her time while speaking her mind,
behind her words were wisdom, hidden for so many years only before she passed she told me “ no one is worth your worry and all will pass” it was quite blurry didn’t understand why she worried and what exactly she meant by it. So confused by it, I wanted to know more about her story, was it wrongly of me to have asked?! Wanted to make use of the time we had.
She spoke about the hard times she had, especially about her unhealthy past. Casted, crippled no way to run away from it, the “cage “ she described it, similar to a bird that has no wings lings to fly away but chained to its cage for so many years. Finally her last words to me she said I’m free at last! Passed away and now so faraway but happy and joyful She got to say her final wishes to me.