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Flash Fiction short story

The Necklace

Pz-avatarby Tanya Berdichevsky18 May 2020

She had to find the necklace before she'd lose her mind. The necklace, the only one that existed, one of its kind. She had to find it, she looked everywhere. She turned her room inside out and cried out of despair. She tried to remember where she could've possibly lost it and after seven hours spent looking, she fell to her bed with tears in her eyes. The necklace was pink and had shiny stones on it. It was her favorite. She felt like without it she's incomplete and empty. She really believed that the necklace had some sort of power over her. Every time she left her room without the necklace, something bad happened. She believed that the necklace protected her. In the morning she had to wake up and leave the house, but she didn't want to leave without her precious necklace. She cried her heart out and suddenly her mother came into the room and asked what happened. She told her that she lost her necklace. Her mother replied by saying it's just a toy necklace and we'll get you a real one. The daughter cried and screamed saying she wants this necklace and nothing else. Her mother forgot that she's just four years old. The mother told her to get herself together and stop crying. After being beaten by her mother a few times, she knew she had to stop. She stopped and with sadness let her precious, pink necklace, go.