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Emotions of breaking free from family trauma.

The Cult of Family

Pz-avatarby Zoe Philips23 Sep 2019

Society has many a secreted taboo
We keep them quiet for protection of who?
Family secrets unexposed which are unnamed
Keeps alive pain we fear which will make us shamed.

All of society’s ills and woes
Begin at home with what goes…
Wrong between adult and child
Trust abused is never mild.

The affects in adulthood are not laid to rest
Of enmeshed emotional childhood incest,
The adult robs the child like an identity thief
Creating dissociation and despondent grief.

Charles Manson, Jim Jones, David Koresh
But them together in a cultish mesh,
Still had nothing on the brainwashing pain
That your parenting poured on me like acid rain.

From religious texts to the cultural rink
Society frowns on removing the link,
From cutting those ties to disconnect
Breaking away from the family sect.

But my mind was battered, broken and scared
Protecting the myth that all mothers cared,
Her parasitic infestation infected my life
And gave no comfort only paranoia and strife.

Enduring her narcissism made me deranged
To evade her condemnation I had to make her estranged,
Cutting her out of my life was my salvation key
To out the taboo to allow me to have my own identity.

Covert crimes can occur in a house
Domestic abuse is not just to a spouse,
Abuse at any age from anyone is not right
Sharing DNA does not contravene this plight.

Liberation from the family may still be taboo
To admit your family is mental and never loved you,
To those still enslaved in their family cult
Words abuse just as much as physical insult.

For psychic protection I had to disengage
Remove my whole person from her toxic rage,
Safety in numbers? Not for me!
It’s healthier for me to live in solitary.

For your mental protection find a new tribe
No more of your family’s poison! Don’t imbibe,
For your sanity and identity, get out, get out
‘Don’t drink the Kool Aid’, I’d advise in a shout.