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Overcoming childhood issues to move on with life.

Breakdown to Breakthrough

Pz-avatarby Zoe Philips23 Sep 2019

The key to mental freedom is relinquishing the unjust
And accepting what was done by learning to adjust,
As our hopes and our dreams are locked away under chastity
To protect our wounded child from comments projected nastily.

Perpetrators are children, hurt and hiding in adult frames
Their body’s grown up but their mind is playing child games,
Many people are broken; angry and scared
Emotionally illiterate and can’t read feelings bared.

We’re incarcerated by memories, scared by their word terrorism
Flagellation in our head with a monologue of verbal masochism,
Daily mental bombs we try and defuse
As our own thoughts explode into domestic abuse.

Regret, resentment, revenge fantasised
Skin thickened, emotional protection cauterised,
What happened as children is unfair as to why?
But adjusting to the now we really must try.

Events of the past are valid to condemn
But it doesn’t mean we have to accept them,
The opposite of condemn is not to condone
Just accepting what was because we were young and alone.

We had no power to stop or change what happened
Our resilience was reinforced and emotions battened,
Psychological armour hides the scars
But the truth escapes out behind our emotional bars.

Lamenting the past keeps us frozen in time
With a fake face of ‘fine’ but our life is a mime,
Every day our actions stage a theatrical show
But as the understudy of our life if the past we won’t let go.

The essence of ourselves we cannot deny
No matter how many masks we wear to try,
To release from the fear of what once was
To become who we want in our own world of Oz.

Sentenced to life in our own emotional prison
The key to release is ourselves to have forgiven,
Unlock the restraint of expression evasion
And engage in party of emotional fornication.

The more of the past that we try to resist
Repetition of sore memories they will persist,
Prescription for anguish is to give it a name
As an analgesic to diminish feelings of shame.

Because fear and pain we have to feel
To release it for good and for us to heal,
Others’ opinions of us do not define…
The quality of ourselves, as our validity is divine.

Releasing the past to resolutely move on
Unlocks mental manacles for a future of fun,
Venture into the darkness as through duality there is light
The past is back there, now dim it down to shine bright.