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New Narratives

Pz-avatarby Zoe Philips30 Sep 2019

Being the library curator / of my own life
I’ve archived several tomes / of family strife,
The congenital learnings / of mental contamination
Were like religious texts; / without question of their indoctrination.

I’ve renounced the strict scripts / I couldn’t follow their specifics
It was like deciphering Nazca lines / or reading hieroglyphics,
These compulsory manuals were cryptic / I just couldn’t see
Their relevance to my life, they were foreign / all Greek to me!

The story was written for me / of what once was
Now a clean page presents itself / to delineate my cause,
I cannot erase / Adverse Childhood Events
But I can redefine them / so I don’t lament.

I’ve defeated my Voldemort, my Sauran / and Vader
I’ve been to the dark side / I reached my nadir,
But I’m no Baggins, no Skywalker / or Potter protagonist!
In my tale so far / I’ve been my own antagonist.

How can I go / from villain to hero?
A family horcrux embedded / I can’t make that zero!
Now my book has blank pages / what will I write?
My Hero’s Journey / and explain my plight?

Do I have a precious ring, magic wand / or luminescent sabre?
Could the words that I share / really be someone’s saviour?
I am Clear but not Voyant / so the future I cannot see
But if words can hurt they can heal / so I’ll try what may be.

I’ll use metaphors in my stories / to define
The gems buried deep down / that I could mine,
To help another get through / their emotional ill
By reading a tale of me / regaining my will.

Now of my own life / I can be the nurturing scribe
As I’ve stopped reading old stories / with a toxic vibe,
My story; a masterpiece or classic / it does not need to be
Just something authentic / and enjoyable for me.