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Dedicated to the memory of Nelson Mandela


Pz-avatarby Tawnee11 Dec 2013

Twilight promises piercing night
Ancient pyramids weep for African Knight
Desert sands rise to salute
a fallen soldier
Riverbed hailing creeks, whispering to oceans, "moment of silence, peace be still, our earth is in anguish, rippled pain, gushing misery sullen shores."
Blessed Motherland, her lad
adorned in eternal celestial robe

rat a tap tap, rat a tap tap Drum of justice,
Beat of freedom,
Pulse of hope
Quaking within,
cajoling spirits of
a Pharoah's heir,
warrior's dance
Madiba, Madiba
Courage kissed with humility lips
offered oppression a seat
to view a peasant rise to presidential stage
drawing a nation to one accord
Repentant souls bowing in confession
South African nation