11502602646_7541be5447_oby Taymaz Valley21 Jun 2014

I didn’t walk here,

I ran.

I was born into misery;

heartache and woe;

amidst hope;

courage and faith.

You know and I know

that we were lied to;

sabotaged, plotted to abuse,

robbed and murdered.

In the name divinity

brotherhood, holy;

sanity was misplaced

replaced by brutality.

Masses died, and they dug

mass graves and sung

prays, to fool you and I

to believe they cared.

Under the covers;

in dark shadows;

beyond the pale;

they moved callously.

Thus people ran,

we hid scared.

Courage and bravery

they imprisoned, killed dead.

So this land

you and I shared,

by birth left us

wanderers; strangers;

displaced immigrants,

scared and wary of shadows

their immoral steps

left imprinted on the past.

I ran


but you and I know

tyranny never lasts.