We Are Hungry

11502602646_7541be5447_oby Taymaz Valley22 Dec 2014

We are hungry.
We are displaced.
We are suffering.
We are embarrassed
by our governments.

We cannot afford the necessities.
We cannot afford to be merry.
We cannot pull ourselves up by the bootstraps.
We cannot trust you politicians,
you greedy politicians.

We were led astray.
We were promised too much,
and received too little,
too late,
until we were lost.

We are dispersed.
We are isolated.
We are imprisoned.
We are alone,
in the name of individual success.

We are now,
not the future,
not the past,
we don’t look back,
only look into present.

We are many.
The heartless are few.
We can be one,
if we embrace fairness,
justice, kindness, and compassionate grace.